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Mar 15, 2010

Brand history- Nivea

NIVEA is a German brand owned by Beiersdorf company, marketed in India by JL Morrison.

is the birth of NIVEA Creme.

1890 Oscar had acquired the Troplowitz Beiersdorf by company founder Paul C. Beiersdorf. He successfully been producing medical plasters and the first rubber-band-aid (the forerunner of Hansaplast), as well as technical adhesive tapes (the forerunner of tesa). The scientific advisor of Oscar Troplowitz, Professor Paul Gerson Unna, drew his attention to the discovery of Dr. Isaac Lifschütz: the emulsifier "Eucerit" for determining the link between fat and water to form a stable cream base.

Eucerit, originally discovered in medicine, has now been used as base material for a new cosmetic cream - the first stable oil and moisturizing cream of the world: the NIVEA - Cream. They possessed due to their stable consistency pure white appearance - hence the name NIVEA, which is derived from the Latin nix, nivis snow.

The product range initially comprised NIVEA - cream - and powder - soap.

In 1924, the company Beiersdorf developed a fundamentally new approach to advertising. The image campaign of "NIVEA Boys" introduced a completely new, modern image, which is still in the familiar blue and white presentation showed all NIVEA products.

The social upheavals of the 20s, began associating naturalness, freshness, associated leisure fun in the sun and nature, with wind and weather with NIVEA.

1928 - 1930 The product range was extended to hair and shaving, and the respective items sold internationally.

Today Nivea has sub-brands such as NIVEA Body, Visage, Beauté, SUN, FOR MEN, Hair Care, Baby, whose history can be to trace the beginnings of NIVEA Creme.


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